Brand story


Introducing Kori-Ari: Sharing the Hidden Beauty of Korea with the World


We proudly present Kori-Ari, a brand born to showcase the minimalist elegance and allure of Korea to the world. Rooted in the unique sensibilities of Korea, our products aim to spread the beauty of Korea far and wide.

Our goal extends beyond merely selling products. We strive to imbue each item with the spirit and culture of Korea, planting seeds of Korean beauty and sentiment in the hearts of our customers. Our efforts are dedicated to ensuring that every customer experiences happiness and satisfaction upon receiving our products.

Our brand aspiration is not only to introduce the beauty of Korea to the world but also to make our brand ethos known to our customers. We seek to provide our customers with an experience beyond product acquisition, embarking on a journey together towards mutual growth and discovery.

Kori-Ari invites you to explore a world you've yet to experience. Our products offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and sentiment of Korea. Join us as we embark on this journey together.